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The first step into having a really nice date is to know a little bit about the person you are dating. So, let me tell you something about myself.

I am Alex Catalan (pronounced Alex). I was born in Europe but the world is my home. Even at a very young age I was blessed to have traveled the world. I have learned early on how to appreciate the different places around the world, especially with the right companion. I have a very rich heritage. You can see from my look and physique a combination of European and Greek/Bulgarian blood.

My European heritage gives me that old school manner and charm. I think it is also because of my English blood that I continuously crave knowledge. I believe that good looks is an asset and intelligence is what enhances it. With the right looks a man can get any woman he wants but with intelligence he can keep her happy. I am well educated. I have already earned my first university degree and I am currently pursuing my second one.When we meet, you can see that I can converse well, I can even make you laugh, and of course I can hold a decent conversation on just about any topic. You can take me to the most exclusive party or to meet your mom.

My Eastern European blood made me a very passionate man. I have a passion for life and a deeper passion for the people, especially for those who I am with. I am most happy making a woman feel comfortable, beautiful and sexy. I know how to enjoy the simplest pleasures in life and know how to share this with others. We can talk for hours, enjoy each other’s company and totally forget about time. I can show you a good time around town. We can share a drink and have the most romantic evening. I am a good dancer and can lead you to a truly memorable dance. We can stay home and I can cook for you. As for dessert, together we can make that a really delectable one.

I have a very high standard for myself although I am very down to earth. I guess it is because of the combination of my European and Greek/Bulgarian heritage. I aim to please and I know that I can only do that if I am a true gentleman and provide the highest quality of male escort service. My specialties are role play, boyfriend experience, dinner dates, and arm candy but I can be anything that you want me to be. Like I said, I aim to please. I also give a very delightful massage.

If this is your first time hiring a male escort, do not worry, I have been a professional male escort since 2006. With me you will be completely safe. I see individuals and couples alike and give them their deserved respect. You need not worry about confidentiality and privacy. These are values that I know are important for my clients.

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