NY Male Escort No-No’s

Escort services in New York is not something new. Just like in any industry, in this service oriented arrangement, there are rules that apply to both the clients and escorts. Now, if this is your first time hiring a male escort in New York, there are certain rules of unacceptable behavior that you should avoid. Knowing all these will basically give you an idea as to what to expect from your escort and what is also expected of you. So, here are the New York male escort no-no’s:

1. Do Not Do Alcohol and Drugs

Yes, this is New York, but unless it has been previously agreed upon, alcohol and drugs are not part of escort services. Drugs and alcohol are not really part of having fun with your escort. They can also cause problems later so male escorts in general will refuse to do drugs and will not drink more than moderate. Also, if you are drunk or high when the escort arrives, he has the right to leave.

2. Do not invite people over

Your male escort NY expects and is ready to provide you with the services you hired him for. That means if you hired him for couples services, he will provide you and your partner the services agreed upon. If you hired him for a party, then he will be your escort for a party. What is unacceptable is to change what has been agreed upon. If your appointment is for a personal escort, and not for a bachelorette party, social gathering or intimate party among your friends, then that is what escort will provide. If there are changes in your plan, that means a totally different service and you need to renegotiate it with your escort first

3. Do Not Ask for a Discount or Freebie

This is one of the most common mistakes made by single NY women. They tend to forget that they are hiring a professional so it is really not proper to ask for discounts or freebies once the escort arrives. It is like asking your hairdresser for a discount and free makeup. All negotiations should be done before the day of your appointment.


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