NY Male Escort Etiquette

If this is your first time hiring a male escort, then this etiquette is a good guide as to how to act and behave with your male escort. Hopefully this will erase any anxiety or nervousness on your part so that you can truly enjoy your escort.

Personal hygiene is important

Taking a bath and brushing your teeth before meeting your male escort is the first step in having a good time with your escort. It shows that you respect your escort and are ready for a day or night of fun with him. Think of it as getting ready for a date. This will actually make the whole experience more enjoyable for us both.

Be on time

I am sure your time is valuable, but so is mine. I have a very tight schedule, especially when I am here in New York. If you will be late for our appointment, please let me know, otherwise we will finish as per our agreed time. Just give me a call if you will be late or want to reschedule.

Respect is a two-way street

Being polite or respectful is something you can expect from me or any other male escort. At the same time, if you show the same respect then you will certainly be treated like a queen by your male escort. In other words, you will get more than just respect if you give a request instead of giving orders.

Do not indulge in drugs

Doing drugs and indulging in excessive drinking is not part of male escort services, especially if you are hiring a professional. Professional male escorts are professionals and would not indulge in any activity that poses harm to his clients and themselves. Doing drugs and drinking excessively usually spell disaster so do not be surprised if the escort turns down your request for doing drugs and alcohol binging.


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