NY Millennial Women and their Preferred Sex Positions

The NY Millennial women are really fascinating but when it comes to NY millennial women, I can say that they are totally different breed, especially when it comes to their desired sex positions. Based on my own personal experience as a NY male gigolo, here are the most desired positions of NY millennial women:

The Face-Off Position –

this appeals to their inner feminine nature. NY millennial women, especially those who are very successful, love this since it leaves men no room for anything else but her, and her breast. Millennium woman or not, you can try this with your partner and ride on his penis. Go fast, go slow, this is one of the most sensual positions ever.

The Squat Trust –

also known as the Lazy Man position, many NY millennial women love this because it puts her in control. We all know how confident millennial women are and we all know how confident NY women are so you can just imagine how popular this is among women New Yorkers. This is the best position for women who are so confident that they want to be in control most of the time, even in bed. And I have to say, that it is also a good confidence-building position. Try it with me and soon you will be surprised at how confident you will be in bed and in real life.

Open for Business –

many psychologists say that millennial are lazy. I cannot say that I agree. From what I have experience so far, millennial women, are simply efficient, creative and intelligent that they get what they want without much effort. It is the same in bed. Many love this position because the clitoral stimulation, while the legs are closed creates the right sexual build-up for a big orgasm. Some women find this uncomfortable but not the NY millennial women.

The G-Whiz –

This one appeals to the youthful personality of the millennial women of New York. With Peter Pansyndrome at least that is what experts say, I find this position quite exciting, sexy, and very pleasurable with these women. So many things can happen with the G-Whiz, as she lies on her back and with me between her legs that it was really quite playfully sexy and stimulating. The thrust can be quite deep but the goddess in NY millennial women can meet them enthusiastically thrust for thrust.


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