Rent-a-Hubby, What Many NY Women are Talking About

NYC women have given a new meaning to the term rent-a-hubby or hire-a-hubby. Before, when people say rent-a-hubby, it means hiring a handyman to do repair works on your house. In fact, Hire-a-Hubby is Australia’s leading handyman company. Today, when you say rent-a-hubby, New York women start imagining all sorts of things that they can do with their male escorts.

So, what is this rent-a-hubby all about? Well, for many women who hire male escorts or gigolo, it is asking their escort to play the role of a manservant and handyman. This fulfills their fantasy of having a gorgeous and sexy handyman in the house who can do simple repair works and at the same time fulfilling their sensual fantasy. Sounds fun, right? Yes, it can be a lot of fun. I have played the role of handyman and I can assure you that there is something primitively sensual about seeing a man in your house doing errands, fixing things and at the same time fulfilling your sensual desires.

It is not just limited to hiring a handyman for a few hours of the day. Some women for example wanted boyfriend experience. This can be as fun and exciting as the hubby for rent. For these women, the fun starts with preparing for a date with their hired boyfriend. Then together they enjoy what New York City has to offer to couples on a romantic night out. But the real fun begins when with what you want to do afterwards.

For many women, hiring a hubby or boyfriend is a good way to have a sensual or even sexual experience with intimacy but with less complications and problems. Some women have boyfriends and husbands and still regularly hire male escorts as substitutes. Why? Because male escorts are gorgeous, sexy, intelligent and know how to please. I am not bragging but with a male escort, for example, you can have real conversation with someone who really knows how to listen.What women cannot find in their relationships, the escorts fulfill.

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